Update…I’m Perfect!! :/

So as you may or may not know I decided something must be wrong with me…phyisically and I was pretty sure it was my thyroid… I went in to get lab work and everything came back great…normal. I know I should be jumping for joy but I was really hoping something would come back … Wrong… I was hoping there would be something to fix.

After getting the “great” news that everything was ok I only got worse. The crying continued, I wasn’t sleeping but was SO tried, didn’t want to leave the house. And one night, through my tears I told DH to find my script I was ready to start taking my antidepressant that was prescribed to me back in April.

This time I started with half the dose prescribed and had a much better experience. I didn’t feel drugged or spaced out. I actually began to feel “better”.

I now get out almost everyday with Ari, I haven’t cried once (and I was crying every single day) . I found a really great support group, its amazing how good it feels to know I’m not alone. I still have tough days but that’s life.

All in all I’m glad I finally did what I needed to do get get out of that dark place! Hopefully life will only get better!

Postpartum Depression & Anxiety
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