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1 Simple Way to Make Your Date Night Better — Before It Even Begins, for FREE!

This post may contain affiliate links.I love this! Date night invitation! Date night ideas

I’m a mom. A stay at home mom. A mom that will be homeschooling very soon. Needless to say, I spend a ton of time with my little people. The best little people in the world, if I say so myself!

Date Night Idea

BUT I’m also a WOMAN, and a WIFE!

At least once a month Hubby and I schedule a date night. I am able to embrace being a WOMAN… actually taking the time to slip into something other than my mommy uniform (black everything, leggings, mystery stained t-shirts and — maternity undies. TMI?).

When these opportunities to be, Raivon and Greg the married couple present themselves, we don’t take them for granted. We create memories.  Read More »

Non Mom Life
This is great. There are so many homeschool styles and homeschool approaches this helped me find ours... unschooling

Discovering Our Homeschooling Style! With These 5 Questions.

This post may contain affiliate links. I used to think of homeschool as school-at-home. Children sitting at the kitchen table (or a large island — in my dreams) literally having — school-at-home. Workbooks, textbooks, strict scheduling, sitting quietly. I…