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Do This One Thing & Survive The Dreaded Holiday Road Trip With Kids

Traveling with kids & toddlers in car road trip

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Traveling with kids & toddlers in car road trip


Last week I shared 7 Christmas books you can share with your little ones — but this week we are getting down and dirty. Let’s keep it real, traveling with children can be is a special type H*LL. Long gone are the days of getting comfy in the passenger’s seat (because my hubby always drives. thx hun!) with a book or listening to an audio book, or having an uninterrupted  a conversation with Hubby. Now it’s:

Let’s drive as far as we can before they freak out!!!

Let’s stop before they fall asleep so we won’t wake them!

I think she pooped.

He’s hungry –AGAIN!

It all makes me so anxious!

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