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My experience with postpartum depression

Active Moms Guide: Everything You Need for Stress Free Summer Outings with Kids!

Make getting out of the house with kids easier. Summer Essentials for kids! Checklist

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Some good recommendations on this list! Summer checklist for kids, new moms. Everything you need to make survive summer outings with the kids.

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Hello there! How are ya? Hot?!

It’s mid June, but it feels like it’s been summer for a few months here in Atlanta!

Summer solstice is upon us. Wednesday June 21, 2017 will be the longest day of the year and the official start of summa, summa, summa, TIME!

My preschooler (4), my almost toddler (gosh she’s growing so quickly) and I, make a point to leave the house every single day. Funny that they call us HOMEschoolers and stay-at-HOME-moms. Home is not where you want to be stuck with little humans all day, every day!

We frequent parks, playgrounds, the zoo, splash-pads, and many many nature walks.

Oh how I wish, leaving the house was an effortless pursuit. BUT it is not; because, I have these crazy intentions of keeping my crew happy, fed, safe, healthy, clean… well, let’s just say ALIVE — Oh, I also enjoy maintaining my sanity.

This takes preparation!

After four years and many failed outings (because I forgot that one thing, that could have made my life so much easier) I’m finally getting the hang of it!

To pay it forward, I’ve complied this list! Big kid, toddler and/or baby necessities I wish I had my first summer as a mom. Read More »

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