{VIDEO} Aetna PPD Awareness Campaign!

You all! I had the amazing honor of being Aetna’s featured mom to raise awareness of Postpartum Depression!

Me? Holy Crap! God has really allowed me to turn my hell into something beautiful.

As you may know 2015 is my year of saying YES… and I did!

Yes, I was nervous but I thought… “It can’t be that bad… to simply speak my truth”… and it wasn’t. It turned out to be TONS of fun… and surprisingly hard work. Who knew that it could be so hard to act natural?

I worked with an awesome, laid-back fun production team from  Mod WorldWide based in Philadelphia. Who laughed when my toddler said “Oh fruck!” upon meeting them. He likes trucks and isn’t able to pronounce it correctly just yet. 😉 and Jon was totally cool with me insinuating that he was speaking like a valley girl! I must say the entire experience was great!

Aetna Video Filming Postpartum Depression

I had my very own makeup artist, the fabulous Eva Jane Bunkley who has won TWO Emmy’s for her work — and she touched my blotchy face! OMGoodness! She went above and beyond during the shoot.

Eva Jane Bunkley Makeup

Now I may ramble here, but get this y’all…

They said things like…

“on set”



They referred  to ME as the talent… Say what???

…and all these other industry terms that have escaped me! This was the real deal — I could totally get used to it!

Here is the video. I hope that you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the process! I totally feel like a #PPDWarrior

Now for my acceptance speech…

I thank God, The team from Mod WorldWide for finding me, Aetna for choosing me, Eva for beautifying me and everyone that worked on the video that I wasn’t able to meet in person. THANK YOU!

And … a shout out to my son Ari, for being so darn cute!! Lastly my husband for dealing with the diva that is blooming inside.

In the end this was a great opportunity to speak out on PPD. I am so thankful!


Postpartum Depression & Anxiety
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    May 6, 2015 at 10:18 pm

    This is soooooooooooo cute! You are a survivor girl! Some moms won’t even acknowledge it, but you have! Kudos to you girl!

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