Atlanta Fun for the Kiddos

BriarwoodParkI learned a while ago that getting out of the house with A, Every. Single. Day. Is an essential part of keeping my sanity, and his, honestly. He loves mommy but he likes to get out and explore. When A was younger it was difficult to get out for a number of reasons.

1: The naps. OMGoodness! I felt like I couldn’t go anywhere because I did not want to mess with the naps. If you are a mom you get this. Enough said.

2: Being a first time mom and having postpartum depression/anxiety AND not knowing what it was at the time kept me isolated, with no motivation to even brush my teeth let alone be social!

3:  I had no idea where the best kid hangouts were.

Here I am 17 months later, and I must say, I feel like quiet the expert on the subject! So I will share the wealth…pay it forward if you will. I will include: parks, splash pads, indoor playgrounds, story times, kid-friendly dining and much more as we come across new things!

Stay tuned!

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