Learning Styles: Interest-Led, Child-Centered, Child-Led? What They Are & What They Aren’t

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The school year is quickly approaching and I am really excited to be starting this new homeschooling journey with my son. These extra years I will have with him will be absolutely priceless!

I’ve been using the last few months to plan, research and test drive different learning styles and approaches, as well as different homeschooling styles. There’s an enormous amount of information to sift through; but I have been able to discover two very important things. Our homeschool is Child-Centered and Interest-Led. To my amazement we are NOT Child-led as I once believed.

What’s the difference between child-CENTERED & child-LED?

Child-Centered Learning allows your child’s personality, and disposition to dictate HOW they will learn or be taught.

Child-Led Learning is when the child decides WHAT & HOW they will learn.

Ari is an active 4-year-old boy, he enjoys movement. He needs it. Taking his needs into account, we present information in a way that CENTERS around his need for activity. We jump, stomp, spin, make up silly songs, & use Conversational Learning when we are out for our daily walk.

You will never see my kid sitting at a desk in our homeschool. Never.

Observing mushrooms 🍄

What is Interest-Led Learning

Interest-Led learning is following your child’s interest, and allowing it to lead their learning experience.

What’s the difference between Interest-Led and Child-Led Learning?

We follow Ari’s interests and create lesson plans around them. That makes us Interest-Led. The reason we aren’t Child-Led is because we EXPOSE Ari to new things, ideas, concepts etc. We do this because if he doesn’t know what’s out there and available to him, how will he ever show an interest?

We don’t force feed  … we present information. If he bites great, if not, on to the next!

If you would like to see Interest-Led Learning in action, you are in luck! I will be sharing themed  “Interest-Led Lesson Plans” as Ari and I take them on! Subscribe for updates!

Remember, there’s no one way to teach your child. I’m almost positive that my daughter will be a much different learner than my son, and that’s OK!

Happy Learning!!
Raivon Lee
The VainMommy

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