Beyond Thanksgiving Crafts: 8 Ways to Share The Truth Story of Thanksgiving With Your Kids {Repost}

Beyond Thanksgiving Crafts.

This post may contain affiliate links.The true story of Thanksgiving for kids!


Ignorance is not bliss.

Ignorance hurts others, even those we deeply care for.

Ignorance breeds ignorance.

It took me longer than I’d like to admit, to realize that there are American holidays that celebrate oppression. I knew — but I didn’t really KNOW until I began to teach my own child. So much growth occurs after becoming a parent.

In our homeschool Columbus day and Thanksgiving are two of the most challenging to accurately share.

Take Columbus Day for example. Who was Columbus? What is he known for? Did he truly discover America? Or was it already discovered?! Just watch this video. It is so powerful!

Finding resources that are culturally and historically accurate is challenging. Surprise surprise! Sarcasm. Even when I do come across books that I think will fit the bill often they don’t, there are still lingering slivers of misinformation.

Learning & Sharing the Truth About Thanksgiving

The film below is from PBS. I think  know that I am more excited about this film than my kid! There are 5 episodes lasting approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes each. You can purchase the entire season (5 episodes) for $6.99 from Amazon.

American Experience: We Shall Remain
“They were charismatic and forward thinking, imaginative and courageous, compassionate and resolute, and, at times, arrogant, vengeful, and reckless. For hundreds of years, Native American leaders from Massasoit, Tecumseh, and Tenskwatawa, to Major Ridge, Geronimo, and Fools Crow, valiantly resisted expulsion from their lands and fought the extinction of their culture. Sometimes, their strategies were militaristic, but more often they were diplomatic, spiritual, legal, and political. From PBS’s acclaimed history series, American Experience, in association with Native American Public Telecommunications, We Shall Remain establishes Native history as an essential part of American history. These five documentaries spanning three hundred years tell the story of pivotal moments in U.S. history from the Native American perspective, upending two-dimensional stereotypes of American Indians as simply ferocious warriors or peaceable lovers of the land.”

Since sharing is caring, check out this post from Cool Mom Picks:7 Thanksgiving books for kids written from the Native Perspective

For quick reference I have included the links to the books recommended by Cool Mom Picks below!

Remember, as parents we aren’t meant to be perfect. As much as I wish I knew everything about everything, I don’t — I do know that I want to raise a child that is aware, culturally sensitive and just an overall caring person. I believe that each of us are doing wonderfully, as long as we are making steps in the right direction. 

I am genuinely interested — How you are sharing the story of Thanksgiving with your family?

Happy Thanksgiving!
Raivon Lee
Vain Mommy

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