4 Totally Chill Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Relaxed Dad Who Has It All!

Great Father's Day gift ideas from kids or from wife, for dad who are easy to please! Father's Day gift ideas for dad who have everything!

This post may contain affiliate links.Great Father's Day gift ideas from kids, for dad who are easy to please! Father's Day gift ideas for dad who have everything!

My children are pretty lucky to have a really chill dad; it doesn’t take much to make Greg happy. He’s a simple guy, and this makes Father’s Day really easy to plan in our home. Whether the dad in your life already has everything, or is just a happy-go-lucky easy to please guy; these four gift ideas are sure to please!

4 Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Any Low Key Dad

  1. Plan to break your routine.
    No fancy reservations needed. Early on Sunday morning we will take a walk to dad’s favorite coffee shop. That will get his day off to a perky start! This signifies that the day is special because it is not a part of our regular routine!Father's Day gifts from kids
  2. Feed the man!
    Have the littles one help make a meal for dad. It doesn’t have to be breakfast either! I’ve heard the way to a DAD’S heart is though his stomach! You can dish up his some of his favorites or surprise him with something new!
  3. Make a day of it!
    From morning, until night! NEVER let dad forget that it’s his day! All you have to do is tell him the truth intermittently throughout the day. “You are the best dad ever!”, “Happy Father’s Day Pops.”, “I’m so lucky that our children have you for their father.” Keep it going until the kids are in bed and or the clock strikes 12 am. But, really who is awake at that time?
  4. Ask him what he wants…
    and why not give it to him? No matter how off base you believe it is. 🙂 EVEN if he says he want NOTHING! Respect the man’s wishes.

These 4 Father’s Day gift ideas are simple and I think they will make our dads day one to remember — and maybe your’s too!

Remember, it’s often the small things in life that make the biggest impact.

Happy Father’s Day!

Raivon Lee
The Vain Mommy

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  • Reply
    Mikhail Whitworth
    June 17, 2017 at 10:37 pm

    Great tips! My guy likes having a pint, instead of coffee…We Will try to hit a brewhouse. #meehans

    • Reply
      Raivon Lee
      June 17, 2017 at 10:42 pm

      We had a stop for ☕️ coffee and later he came home with a huge box of beer. Upper then downer lol

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