She’s Turning Thirty!

My best friend is 30 years old today! Yes, that’s her to your left, that picture was taken just last year…doesn’t look any where close to 30 huh?

I Remember a time when I’m sure we all thought 30 was an ancient age…that our lives would be over. We had high expectations and we just knew exactly what our live would be; where we would live, what we would drive, who would be in our lives etc. But as we have gotten older and hopefully wiser, we know the truth. All of that is a load of crock! PUULLEZZ!!! Life does not work like that. I must admit, watching her embrace thirty with such grace and excitement makes me look forward to it even more!

As I approach thirty, I now realize that it’s nothing really, there is SO much living to be done, things are only getting started the fun is only just beginning! We know ourselves better and have grown tremendously from our early 20’s . Boy was I stupid in my early 20’s…but all those mistakes and hard lessons we experience are vital to becoming to fabulous women we will become once we reach 30 and beyond!


    We have know each other for only for a few short but LONG years, so much has happened. Men have come a gone…some that we thought were gone reappear for dramatic effect :), Career advancements, a wedding, makeup and clothing mishaps, homes purchased, matching tattoos, beach trips filled with bacon and head shaving and we can NOT forget those Logan County Burgers…YUM!

  In that time I have seentremendous growth in you not only a person but a woman. You are an amazing friend that came into my life when I needed one most. I thank you for your understanding as I work my way though this crazy a turbulent season of pregnancy and I promise Raivon will return better than ever :). Today you have reached a milestone! You are 30!! You and I both know that your life has only just begun! This isn’t a new chapter…this is a new BOOK! and anyone who has anything different to say about it…We will simply say WHAT-EVs lol

Happy Birthday, Loves Ya


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