13 Reasons This Anxious Mom Chose Homeschooling

13 Goods Reasons to home school

Yup! After reading this I am sure I will homeschool my children. So many great reasons to homeschool

And!!!! Reason number one! I’m anxious!! Ha!

Yes, I have a bit lot of experience with anxiety, but I don’t really believe that anxiety has anything to do with my choice to home-school (HS) — but who really knows why we make the choices we do? Actually — maybe I’m a little tiny bit anxious? There are THIRTEEN reasons… 13 … 🙂


Earlier this month I shared my top two reasons I want home-school my 4-year-old.

Today, I’m gonna spill every-single-reason I have for Homeschooling!

These are in no particular order.

13 Reasons We Will Try Homeschooling

1- Homeschooling will give us more time together. 

Instead of rushing off to school and being separated 8 plus hours a day, we will be able to spend our days learning, exploring, discovering and making memories together. This time is PRICELESS. Family, friends, ALL relationships are the only things we will take with us. Nothing is more important to me.

2- Y’all! He’s four years old.

Pre-K is not required. He’s 4! He can’t even wipe his butt properly. He’s a silly  sweet little boy! He is my baby and doesn’t need to have a full-time job just yet.

My tiger boy!

3- Children are unique learners.

Unfortunately, many schools and/or educators don’t see unique learning styles for what they are. Instead they are seen as problems, as something to be “corrected”.  The system’s way of “helping” our child/ren (who are individuals, I remind you) is to force them to fit molds that are considered acceptable and normal. Like puzzle pieces being forced into the wrong space, instead of having the patience to consider other options.

I see Ari (A) as unique learner.  If he’s anything like his dad (which he is 😉) he is definitely unique. Ha! My husband cannot think unless he is pacing. Ari is not one to sit still, the boy is energetic and definitely a sensory seeker!

4- Children ARE mistreated.

I don’t want my child to be one of those children. We entrust our children into the care of people we barely know and many auxiliary staff who we don’t know at all.

I’ve had personal experience working as an assistant to a pre-school teacher. This woman was an absolute angel to the parents. As soon as they turned the corner she became a witch. Actually, she reminds me of Ursula from The Little Mermaid! The way she spoke to those children… the way she intimidated them was the saddest thing I had ever seen at the time.

On another occasion, while working in one of the top public schools in Georgia. I saw a kindergarten teacher “jacking up” a 5-year-old. There’s no other way  to explain it. She grabbed the neck of his shirt and pulled him toward her. He was terrified. NO one wants their child to be subjected to that type of treatment.

We believe & hope our children will let us know if they are being mistreated. But often they do not. There was NO reason for a parent believe their child was being mistreated.  I know I can’t be with A every second of everyday. But, I want to be with him when I can. I know “they” say, “you can’t protect them from everything “.

Nevertheless, I’m his greatest advocate and I will do my best to protect him from what I can, until he’s able to do so for himself.

5- I’m able to. I actually want to.

I’m able to stay home with my children. It isn’t possible for everyone, AND not every mom WANTS to stay home. Also depending on personality types some parents aren’t able to homeschool because they just KNOW — they can’t be with their child all day. I get that!

When I was at the end of my pregnancy this past summer, I HAD to find a summer camp for A! I HAD too! 😜

6-I enjoy being with my children.

So much more than I expected! When Ari was younger I have THEEE best memories of play dates with friends and exploring with my little guy. He’s also my PPD baby. That has bonded us in a way I can’t even explain.

I don’t want to or have to lose the possibility of those experiences. He was recently on spring break and it was wonderful! We were able to visit old friends and do so many things together. It was like a long weekend. No set schedule or hard deadlines. I even lost track of the days!

7- Allows us (his parents) to have a greater influence on him for as long as possible.

When children are young their parents are their world. We as parents are their greatest influence.  As they get older, friends, media etc. tend to take over. I want to prolong my influence on A.

8- He deserves the opportunity to act his age!

To be a child, while he IS a child. He will have many years to enjoy the typical 9-5, sit still and be quite. Ever watch reality TV?! Maybe if those ladies had been given the opportunity to behave like children when they were children; they would be behaving like adults now???

9- I want an active role in A’s education.

I’ll go ahead and say, this is my fault. When A is in “school” I become passive. believing that he’s learning at school so I don’t have to be as vigilant at home. Not the most intelligent thought process.The moment I decided to home-school everything changed. Every moment and interaction with A became a “teachable moment”. I feel invigorated and purposeful!

10- We ALL home-school anyway!

Because…homework! After many hours at school he will eventually bring home more work! From what I hear and remember, LOTS of it. Which, I will have to make sure he completes correctly. Might as well do it all myself. 😏

11- I have Greg’s support.

Homeschooling is a family decision.

The best daddy

12-Money Money Money!$!$

Instead of paying for school and being separated, we will be affording more family experiences and making memories. Memberships to local attractions (Zoo, Aquarium, Children’s Museum, Botanical Gardens), local events and festivals, vacations, day trips, field trips, join Homeschool co-ops, sports, classes and the ability to support our foodie habit! (Seriously, the kid asks to go to a restaurant almost every day!)

13- I’m my child’s best teacher.

I don’t have the credentials to teach professionally and I’m far from being a genius.  BUT — NO ONE will invest more in my son than his mama! I want him to succeed more than anyone else and I’m willing to do whatever it takes. Who knows, one day that may mean changing things up and re-evaluating our educational path?

These are only some of the reasons we will be homeschooling. Of course I could add that children are killed in brick and mortar schools :(. These schools are not safe and secure. I’ve gone to schools and am buzzed in with no ID or questions asked.

Remember, what ever your reason whatever your choice. It is good enough. Each family has different perspectives, needs, goals and different children. My reasons don’t have to be yours. 🙂 

So, tell me. What are your reasons for or for not Homeschooling? 

See you soon!


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