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The Best Way to Schedule Homeschool for Little Ones & One Great Resource to Get it Done

Easy Homeschooling Schedule For Kindergarten

How to schedule your homeschool day for younger children


I believe the most important part of having success with homeschool is scheduling. Even more important than knowing your homeschool style/philosophy. I didn’t always think this way, but having a schedule that works for my family, grounds us. I am able to easily plug-in the information I’d like to “teach”. Without a schedule, lesson plans are anything but grounded. Instead our plans are like papers blowing in the wind, and I’m frantically chasing and gathering them trying to figure out what goes where.

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HomeSchooling, Perspective & How To's

Excited to Homeschool — But I Will Miss a Few Things about Public School

After last weeks heavy post on creating a curriculum — Believing I had it ALL figured out — to NOW — being more confused than ever — I’m gonna lighten things up a bit this week!

Our son is 4. He’s currently enrolled in a 3 half-day a week program at a local private school. As the school year comes to an end I’m realizing that this could be our last traditional school year for sometime. That realization is both exciting and saddening. I have very fond memories of Ari’s time in school. Here are a few highlights.

Thanksgiving Placemat. He was MOST thankful for my step-dog! Bruce E Lee
His sweet hand
print. I'll miss the
His sweet toes!
O. M. Geeee! This melts my heart every time! Its a tile or coaster 🙂
Mothers day
that I had no
were on their way!
Yes, he believes
i'm 44.
Getting my PINTEREST on showing appreciation for our wonderful teachers!
I must admit,
I may miss the
3 hrs I've had away
from this
mischievous lil guy
The super cute performances!! My little tiger!
Class birthday celebrations! They are so cute simple and fast!
It's fuzzy
but my
lil guy was
a Shepard
in his Christmas
They sang
away in a manger!
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HomeSchooling, Perspective & How To's

Homeschooling? What If I do — What If I Don’t??

deciding to homeschool is no light decision it can be scary!

“Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and focus on what could go right”


Have you ever been so excited to take a new path? You are positive you’ve made the right choice, and are ready to dive in? BUT for some reason FEAR still lingers?

This is exactly how I feel about homeschooling. 

I”m sold! I’m pumped! I stand firmly behind our reasoning. I’m ready to dive in. I am super excited and I feel alive!

But man — these fears won’t stop scampering around in my head!

What if….

Ari isn’t socialized  —  falls “behind” — is awkward — the naysayers and side-eyers are right — I hate it — I suck at it — I fail my child — he hates being homeschooled AND me?!

I remind myself that, at this moment in time homeschooling is the best choice, because it’s a decision made out of pure love and concern for my child.

Thankfully, fear doesn’t discriminate. It lives on both sides of the tracks, and provides a great line up of positive what-ifs.

On The Flip Side. What if…

I don’t homeschool — Ari hates traditional school — he’s labeled negatively for being an individual — he falls “behind” because his style of learning isn’t recognized — he’s mistreated like many children are — I miss out on the precious time we could have together — I miss out on his firsts — strangers and other children have a greater influence on him than we do — what if I look back in regret?

Fear comes with life, no one can escape it. BUT. Being grounded in faith I have the courage to move forward confidently even though fear stares me straight in the eye. Knowing, even if I fail all things will work together for good … 

Homeschooling is crazy to many people. Heck, it was crazy to me just a few short months ago! You couldn’t pay some parents to homeschool. They know it would not work for their family. And, that is why we each have our own path in life (say’s past follower and people pleaser). Being a mom to my son and daughter was no accident. I truly believe it is my calling and homeschooling is simply an extension of that calling. I really feel that in my heart.

There are many what-ifs that make me nervous. But I also know that it’s because I want to do right by my child.


 Hands down, the what-ifs of — NOT– homeschooling scare me more!

What is/was your greatest fear about homeschooling or not homeschooling?



HomeSchooling, Perspective & How To's

Discovering Our Homeschooling Style! With These 5 Questions.

There's so many homeschooling styles, this really helped me narrow down

This post may contain affiliate links.This is great. There are so many homeschool styles and homeschool approaches this helped me find ours... unschooling

I used to think of homeschool as school-at-home. Children sitting at the kitchen table (or a large island — in my dreams) literally having — school-at-home. Workbooks, textbooks, strict scheduling, sitting quietly.

I now know that homeschooling can be and is often so much more, and in many cases homeschool looks NOTHING like traditional “brick and mortar” schools. Now that’s, a beautiful thing!

I googled homeschool approaches and styles, and found many different styles or approaches of homeschooling. Being a bit overwhelmed,  I took a step back to focus on the Lee’s. How our family functions best, our needs and desires.


Why I felt the need to label ourselves…

There are enough labels in this world. I know. But, there are a few good reasons I believe it’s beneficial to know where we fit, within the homeschooling world.

It’s so important to find a community of support when homeschooling, for yourself as a the “teacher” and for your children. Facebook is great for that. There are hundreds of Facebook Homeschooling groups many of them are geared toward a specific style: Charlotte Mason, Christian, Classical, School at Home aka: Traditional, and Unschooling. There are more but I think these are the most popular. The same applies to homeschooling co-ops.

It won’t benefit me to be a part of a group that doesn’t agree with our wants, needs, lifestyle or beliefs. Also knowing our style will provide a great framework for me to build on as we being our journey.

The 5 Questions I Asked to Discover Our Homeschool Style


1-Why? Why are we wanting to become a homeschool family?

Our family has decided to try Homeschooling for many reasons. The most important is that I want Ari to learn in a way that is best for him. Being an active boy discovering new things in nature and learning through living — from real life experiences. The next best reason is because this mommy chooses to not let her baby go.

Getting dirty!

2-What DON’T I want for our families homeschool? I prefer limited screen time. We can’t function on a rigid schedule or hard deadlines and I really don’t want to have to report to others frequently (can you tell I enjoy control). Lastly, I don’t want our homeschool to feel or look like the “brick-and-mortar” school.

As you can see I’m not anti screen. It has its time and place — pros and cons

3-What does our family NEED to function. What DO I want/envision. We thrive on structure and routine, but it must be flexible structure with room for change. We also need down time to recharge. aka NAP!!

Claiming he doesn’t need a nap. But he was out in 5 mins!

4-When is Ari most happy? Ari is definitely most happy when he is moving, moving, moving. When he is FREE to be and out and about.

5- What is our over all vision for our children at the end of their schooling career. Begin with the end in mind.

Not only do I want our children to be well-educated in the common core standards. I want them to possess a rich and diverse knowledge of things not taught in traditional schools. I want them to enjoy learning discovering new things, to have an ever strengthening relationship with Jesus. I want them to embody compassion for all forms of life and for themselves. To value relationships with family and friends. I would love for them to be fluent in a foreign language. And, have had the opportunity to fully explore their interests. I want them to be self thinkers and learners. Lastly, I want them to be confident in who they are and confident in their choices.

Then I put it all together!

Ari’s learning experience is tailored to him, and allows him to be the active little boy that he is. We have a daily rhythm, but the world won’t end if and when we change things up a little — for play dates or lunch with daddy, or just because we need a day off. Our learning extends beyond our home: local parks and nature centers, libraries, museums and normal activities of daily living. We use non-fiction books from our local library to investigate new ideas. Screens are limited but have their place in supplementing our learning (Because screens have proven to be an excellent resource for Ari. It works for him). Real life experiences are our greatest teachers. At the end of the day my children are intelligent, confident, independent and compassionate children of God.

So what’s our style?

After answering the 5 questions above I went back to google and found that we are a….

Drum roll please!!!

Relaxed/Eclectic homeschooling family with a STRONG emphasis toward the beautifully rich Charlotte Mason method. Surprise surprise we are all about mixing things up over here ;). Taking what works for us from multiple styles and leaving what doesn’t.

“Relaxed” or “Eclectic” homeschooling is the method used most often by homeschoolers. Basically, eclectic homeschoolers use a little of this and a little of that, using workbooks for math, reading, and spelling, and taking an unschooling approach for the other subjects.

The advantage of this method is that the parent feels that the subjects they believe are most important are covered thoroughly. This method also allows the family to choose textbooks, field trips, and classes that fit their needs and interests.


Remember, instead of trying to fit your family into one particular homeschooling approach, prioritize your family and child first. THEN see what style best fits you all. Not the other way around. 

So, what’s your style??

See you soon! Thanks for reading.



HomeSchooling, Perspective & How To's

13 Reasons This Anxious Mom Chose Homeschooling

13 Goods Reasons to home school

Yup! After reading this I am sure I will homeschool my children. So many great reasons to homeschool

And!!!! Reason number one! I’m anxious!! Ha!

Yes, I have a bit lot of experience with anxiety, but I don’t really believe that anxiety has anything to do with my choice to home-school (HS) — but who really knows why we make the choices we do? Actually — maybe I’m a little tiny bit anxious? There are THIRTEEN reasons… 13 … 🙂


Earlier this month I shared my top two reasons I want home-school my 4-year-old.

Today, I’m gonna spill every-single-reason I have for Homeschooling!

These are in no particular order.

13 Reasons We Will Try Homeschooling

1- Homeschooling will give us more time together. 

Instead of rushing off to school and being separated 8 plus hours a day, we will be able to spend our days learning, exploring, discovering and making memories together. This time is PRICELESS. Family, friends, ALL relationships are the only things we will take with us. Nothing is more important to me.

2- Y’all! He’s four years old.

Pre-K is not required. He’s 4! He can’t even wipe his butt properly. He’s a silly  sweet little boy! He is my baby and doesn’t need to have a full-time job just yet.

My tiger boy!

3- Children are unique learners.

Unfortunately, many schools and/or educators don’t see unique learning styles for what they are. Instead they are seen as problems, as something to be “corrected”.  The system’s way of “helping” our child/ren (who are individuals, I remind you) is to force them to fit molds that are considered acceptable and normal. Like puzzle pieces being forced into the wrong space, instead of having the patience to consider other options.

I see Ari (A) as unique learner.  If he’s anything like his dad (which he is 😉) he is definitely unique. Ha! My husband cannot think unless he is pacing. Ari is not one to sit still, the boy is energetic and definitely a sensory seeker!

4- Children ARE mistreated.

I don’t want my child to be one of those children. We entrust our children into the care of people we barely know and many auxiliary staff who we don’t know at all.

I’ve had personal experience working as an assistant to a pre-school teacher. This woman was an absolute angel to the parents. As soon as they turned the corner she became a witch. Actually, she reminds me of Ursula from The Little Mermaid! The way she spoke to those children… the way she intimidated them was the saddest thing I had ever seen at the time.

On another occasion, while working in one of the top public schools in Georgia. I saw a kindergarten teacher “jacking up” a 5-year-old. There’s no other way  to explain it. She grabbed the neck of his shirt and pulled him toward her. He was terrified. NO one wants their child to be subjected to that type of treatment.

We believe & hope our children will let us know if they are being mistreated. But often they do not. There was NO reason for a parent believe their child was being mistreated.  I know I can’t be with A every second of everyday. But, I want to be with him when I can. I know “they” say, “you can’t protect them from everything “.

Nevertheless, I’m his greatest advocate and I will do my best to protect him from what I can, until he’s able to do so for himself.

5- I’m able to. I actually want to.

I’m able to stay home with my children. It isn’t possible for everyone, AND not every mom WANTS to stay home. Also depending on personality types some parents aren’t able to homeschool because they just KNOW — they can’t be with their child all day. I get that!

When I was at the end of my pregnancy this past summer, I HAD to find a summer camp for A! I HAD too! 😜

6-I enjoy being with my children.

So much more than I expected! When Ari was younger I have THEEE best memories of play dates with friends and exploring with my little guy. He’s also my PPD baby. That has bonded us in a way I can’t even explain.

I don’t want to or have to lose the possibility of those experiences. He was recently on spring break and it was wonderful! We were able to visit old friends and do so many things together. It was like a long weekend. No set schedule or hard deadlines. I even lost track of the days!

7- Allows us (his parents) to have a greater influence on him for as long as possible.

When children are young their parents are their world. We as parents are their greatest influence.  As they get older, friends, media etc. tend to take over. I want to prolong my influence on A.

8- He deserves the opportunity to act his age!

To be a child, while he IS a child. He will have many years to enjoy the typical 9-5, sit still and be quite. Ever watch reality TV?! Maybe if those ladies had been given the opportunity to behave like children when they were children; they would be behaving like adults now???

9- I want an active role in A’s education.

I’ll go ahead and say, this is my fault. When A is in “school” I become passive. believing that he’s learning at school so I don’t have to be as vigilant at home. Not the most intelligent thought process.The moment I decided to home-school everything changed. Every moment and interaction with A became a “teachable moment”. I feel invigorated and purposeful!

10- We ALL home-school anyway!

Because…homework! After many hours at school he will eventually bring home more work! From what I hear and remember, LOTS of it. Which, I will have to make sure he completes correctly. Might as well do it all myself. 😏

11- I have Greg’s support.

Homeschooling is a family decision.

The best daddy

12-Money Money Money!$!$

Instead of paying for school and being separated, we will be affording more family experiences and making memories. Memberships to local attractions (Zoo, Aquarium, Children’s Museum, Botanical Gardens), local events and festivals, vacations, day trips, field trips, join Homeschool co-ops, sports, classes and the ability to support our foodie habit! (Seriously, the kid asks to go to a restaurant almost every day!)

13- I’m my child’s best teacher.

I don’t have the credentials to teach professionally and I’m far from being a genius.  BUT — NO ONE will invest more in my son than his mama! I want him to succeed more than anyone else and I’m willing to do whatever it takes. Who knows, one day that may mean changing things up and re-evaluating our educational path?

These are only some of the reasons we will be homeschooling. Of course I could add that children are killed in brick and mortar schools :(. These schools are not safe and secure. I’ve gone to schools and am buzzed in with no ID or questions asked.

Remember, what ever your reason whatever your choice. It is good enough. Each family has different perspectives, needs, goals and different children. My reasons don’t have to be yours. 🙂 

So, tell me. What are your reasons for or for not Homeschooling? 

See you soon!


reasons to homeschool

HomeSchooling, Perspective & How To's

Don’t Want to Feel Like the Lone Cray Cray Homeschooling Mom? Find Your Peeps! {How I’m finding Mine}

This post may contain affiliate links.yes! yes! yes! Having a supportive community when homeschooling is imperitive! I'm so happy to have found my people!For me, Homeschooling (HSing) is not — was not, a simple choice. I mean, it’s kind of like I’m gambling with my child’s brain and future — right?

Now that HSing for our 4-year-old (next school year, 2017-18) is a serious consideration. There are many “what if’s” popping up.

What If:

  • He hates me
  • I ruin his life
  • He’s uneducated
  • Can’t get a diploma … a job … wife?
  • Becomes that stereotypical awkward homeschooled child
  • I’m not smarter than a pre-schooler

and the big one …. What if,

  • other moms think I’m a cray cray Homeschooling mom? Waaaah!😩 (yes I care what others think of me, that’s where the VAIN in Vain Mommy comes into play. If you know what I mean)


I began to find my people. I was able to share my excitement and fears with other passionate moms, who are already confidently invested in their homeschooling journey.

Up until that point I felt like a foreigner in a foreign land. No one spoke my language. I barely spoke my language, this was all new for me!

Finding other moms like myself . THAT, is when I gained the confidence to move forward with our plans.

I was reassured that:

  • My child will hate me for something at some point regardless. And, there are many choices I have already made for my child because it’s what we as a family feel is best; ie. following Jesus, our diet, media choices, his bedtime, etc. etc. So why — would choosing how he’s educated any different?
  • He will probably think I ruined his life at some point, even if he attends public/private school
  • There many children that attend traditional school and are failing (many at no-fault of their own). There are entire failing schools.
  • He will get a diploma! Theres no one who will invested in my child’s future more than his own parent
  • If he’s “awkward” (which is a very subjective label) he’s gonna be awkward regardless. He will be, who he will be.
  • It’s just crazy to think you aren’t smart enough to teach your child. In the case I am not smarter than a preschooler, there are tutors.

Ari’s first crew 🙂

How I’m Finding My Support

MEETUP.COM is amazing. I’ve met almost ALL of my mommy friends through different stay-at-home-mom groups. When I was in the thick of Postpartum Depression and pretending I was ok, Meetup groups helped to pull me out of isolation. I even found a postpartum support group on meetup!

FACEBOOK GROUPS just enter “Homeschooling” into the search and you will find lots of HSing groups. Support groups, re-sale groups, different HSing philosophy groups. It’s all there and the ones I’ve found are pretty active. There are a several local groups as well that I’ve began to participate in.

Some of my people 🙂

LOCAL HOMESCHOOLING CO-OPs I reached out to my Facebook friends asking who homeschooled.  Many of those that responded recommended co-ops. Hubby and I are attending a “new to home-school” info session later this month. CO-OPs are great for socialization . One of my biggest concerns is keeping Ari social and allowing him to build relationships with others. I’ll share what we learn with you.

FACEBOOK POSTS I was surprised how many of my FB friends homeschooled. I wouldn’t have know if I hadn’t “asked”… and now those friends are apart of my crew. Whether they know it or not! lol

Some days I continue to have apprehensions, but having the support of others that get me, makes those days far and few between.

How did you find your people?

See ya later!


Having a homeschool community and support is vital!

HomeSchooling, Perspective & How To's