Don’t Want to Feel Like the Lone Cray Cray Homeschooling Mom? Find Your Peeps! {How I’m finding Mine}

This post may contain affiliate links.yes! yes! yes! Having a supportive community when homeschooling is imperitive! I'm so happy to have found my people!For me, Homeschooling (HSing) is not — was not, a simple choice. I mean, it’s kind of like I’m gambling with my child’s brain and future — right?

Now that HSing for our 4-year-old (next school year, 2017-18) is a serious consideration. There are many “what if’s” popping up.

What If:

  • He hates me
  • I ruin his life
  • He’s uneducated
  • Can’t get a diploma … a job … wife?
  • Becomes that stereotypical awkward homeschooled child
  • I’m not smarter than a pre-schooler

and the big one …. What if,

  • other moms think I’m a cray cray Homeschooling mom? Waaaah!😩 (yes I care what others think of me, that’s where the VAIN in Vain Mommy comes into play. If you know what I mean)


I began to find my people. I was able to share my excitement and fears with other passionate moms, who are already confidently invested in their homeschooling journey.

Up until that point I felt like a foreigner in a foreign land. No one spoke my language. I barely spoke my language, this was all new for me!

Finding other moms like myself . THAT, is when I gained the confidence to move forward with our plans.

I was reassured that:

  • My child will hate me for something at some point regardless. And, there are many choices I have already made for my child because it’s what we as a family feel is best; ie. following Jesus, our diet, media choices, his bedtime, etc. etc. So why — would choosing how he’s educated any different?
  • He will probably think I ruined his life at some point, even if he attends public/private school
  • There many children that attend traditional school and are failing (many at no-fault of their own). There are entire failing schools.
  • He will get a diploma! Theres no one who will invested in my child’s future more than his own parent
  • If he’s “awkward” (which is a very subjective label) he’s gonna be awkward regardless. He will be, who he will be.
  • It’s just crazy to think you aren’t smart enough to teach your child. In the case I am not smarter than a preschooler, there are tutors.

Ari’s first crew 🙂

How I’m Finding My Support

MEETUP.COM is amazing. I’ve met almost ALL of my mommy friends through different stay-at-home-mom groups. When I was in the thick of Postpartum Depression and pretending I was ok, Meetup groups helped to pull me out of isolation. I even found a postpartum support group on meetup!

FACEBOOK GROUPS just enter “Homeschooling” into the search and you will find lots of HSing groups. Support groups, re-sale groups, different HSing philosophy groups. It’s all there and the ones I’ve found are pretty active. There are a several local groups as well that I’ve began to participate in.

Some of my people 🙂

LOCAL HOMESCHOOLING CO-OPs I reached out to my Facebook friends asking who homeschooled.  Many of those that responded recommended co-ops. Hubby and I are attending a “new to home-school” info session later this month. CO-OPs are great for socialization . One of my biggest concerns is keeping Ari social and allowing him to build relationships with others. I’ll share what we learn with you.

FACEBOOK POSTS I was surprised how many of my FB friends homeschooled. I wouldn’t have know if I hadn’t “asked”… and now those friends are apart of my crew. Whether they know it or not! lol

Some days I continue to have apprehensions, but having the support of others that get me, makes those days far and few between.

How did you find your people?

See ya later!


Having a homeschool community and support is vital!

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  • Reply
    April K.
    April 9, 2017 at 8:26 am

    I found my #momtribe in the early mom days through Meetup, which is how we luckily met!! But now I use IG and Facebook a little more. Haven’t really found a specific homeschool group though, mainly because Ava is so young.

    • Reply
      Raivon Lee
      April 9, 2017 at 8:46 am

      Interesting! You are connecting with other HSing moms via IG too?

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