Welcoming the Sleepless Nights

I promise I’m not a total complainer. I actually can’t stand negative people… But the fact that a few of my posts have been on the “neggy” side of things I just wanted to let you know that really, I’m not that person! So here it goes…

At this point I expect the total opposite of what others tell me about pregnancy and motherhood. I must admit I’m not your typical girl. I didn’t want a wedding, the courthouse followed by a nice dinner sounded amazing, or a Bridal shower, or a baby shower… No thank you. My “uniqueness” seems to carry over into my biological makeup as well. Everyone told me “you’ll be done with morning sickness after the first trimester”. I’ve thrown up more violently in my 3rd trimester than I have ever in my life. The most recent bit of advice I’ve received was to enjoy the sleep and quite nights before the baby arrives. What sleep I ask what quiet nights? Between leg and hip and back pain, heart burn, continuous potty breaks, general pregnancy insomnia and Braxton hicks… I ain’t gettin no SLEEP!

I look forward to having baby in my arms and OUT of my tummy. I’m expecting to feel healthy, free of nausea and vomiting and the general blah feeling. With baby when there is time for sleep at least I’ll probably pass out from exhaustion and actually sleep?!

Everyone and every pregnancy is different and boy do I know it! I know everyone means well, by giving advice…it’s natural I even do it, but I now know that I will be more cautious when it comes to consoling a mommy-to-be. Instead of pacifying her suffering ill try my best to be real and honest. Hey pregnancy sucks for some and can even be life threatening and for others it’s a breeze. The facts of life.

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