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4 Totally Chill Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Relaxed Dad Who Has It All!

This post may contain affiliate links.Great Father's Day gift ideas from kids, for dad who are easy to please! Father's Day gift ideas for dad who have everything!

My children are pretty lucky to have a really chill dad; it doesn’t take much to make Greg happy. He’s a simple guy, and this makes Father’s Day really easy to plan in our home. Whether the dad in your life already has everything, or is just a happy-go-lucky easy to please guy; these four gift ideas are sure to please! Read More »

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Flag Day Facts & Activities For Your Preschooler

This post may contain affiliate links.Flag day fact and activities for kids and preschoolersFollow and Like for more holiday facts and activities! Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram.

I believe a child truly learns in the absence of text books. Discoveries are made when we allow our children to get their tiny hands dirty; To make something truly memorable we, as their learning facilitators must bring the topics to life, & make it real for our little ones.

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How to Discover Memorial Day & Any Holiday With Your Preschooler

I love this! Ways to celebrate memorial day with your child. Using the conversational method . I

Holidays are a wonderful time to diversify your homeschool learning experience; providing an opportunity to introduce new ideas, concepts, vocabulary etc. that may not be introduced otherwise.

My son is 4 (Pre-K), we are homeschooling and aren’t following any particular curriculum. At this young age my focus is on EXPOSURE. Exposing Ari to the world around him, sharing facts and following his interests. This adds depth that no one curriculum could. Read More »

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4 Simple Ways To Celebrate Earth Day With Your Kids

This post may contain affiliate links.Celebrate Earth Day with your kids!


Today is EARTH DAY! It’s actually our first time officially celebrating. Since deciding to homeschool my brain works in an entirely new way. I now see all moments even the mundane, as teachable moments — opportunities to present new ideas for Ari to discover. These moments may seem insignificant on there own but he will be able to make connections as he discovers more over his lifetime — and all of these little pieces will fit together beautifully!

Our learning approach around here is to learn through real life experiences {Charlotte Mason Method}. This works really well for our 4-year-old.

4 Simple Ways To Acknowledge Earth Day With Your Homeschooler

1- Well it is EARTH DAY. Why not learn how the earth came to be? We read the story of creation, from Ari’s favorite children’s bible! Greg reads to him and then we follow-up with opened ended questions. What happened? What was your favorite part?  This is referred to as narration in the Charlotte mason method. Narration is an amazing thing, because if a child can communicate to you what you shared with him, then he’s actually retained that information!

2- WALK! Instead of driving the car and contributing to the pollution of the Earth we walked to the local farmers market. We killed two birds with one stone here (ugh the word “killed” on Earth Day) because we also discussed the importance buying local. Which tied back into not driving when possible. We asked Ari what are some other ways we can travel. Walk, bike, scooter, wagon, stroller and public transit.

3- I think that Ari enjoyed this the best. We skipped bath! To save water! The next morning Ari ran into the bathroom when Greg was showering and told him to, “Get out of the shower! We need to save water to help the earth!”

4- What happens to all of our trash? We happened to have a book from the library on recycling. We read it together and even I learned something new!

We also find short age appropriate videos on YouTube. Video’s work really well for Ari, although technology isn’t recommended in the Charlotte Mason Method, I think of my child first.

As Ari get’s older we could take the very same topics above dig in deeper!

To me, the most important part of discovering new things is to take the subject with you when you are going about your day. It doesn’t need to be a fancy lesson plan. Living is learning! 

How do you celebrate Earth Day?

Happy Earth Day!


Celebrate earth day with your child!


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